Planning a Rhine River cruise and want to see the most castles along the Rhine in one or two days?

Take the cable car from Assmannshausen to Rudesheim via the beautiful Niederwald woodlands and the famous Niederwald monument. Enjoy the splendid view from the top of the Rhine hills. Planning a Rhine River cruise and want to see the most castles along the Rhine in one, two or three days? - Rhine River cruise questions and answers

The Niederwald monument is the landmark of Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen.
The cruise boat landing stages in Assmannshausen are just a short walk from the town center – and as you wander through this delightful town, you will pass numerous inviting restaurants, cosy cafes, wine bars and dance bars.
You're in the heart of red wine country here, so you'll be guaranteed good local wine everywhere!
Arrange for some wine-tasting at J. Jung Sohne just a few meters behind the level crossing at the train station. The friendly proprietors of this family-run business will always make you feel welcome, they have an impressive selection of local wines and their knowledge of wine is inexhaustible.
The wines here in the quiet town of Assmannshausen are highly recommendable and difficult to purchase outside the area – whichever wine-maker or vineyard you visit, remember to ask for the current wine-of-the-month!

Assmannshausen has been praised by many poets over the past century as a place of relaxation and recuperation and it also has other claims to fame apart from its excellent wines. Its convalescing atmosphere is underlined by the thermal spring source which lies just beneath the town. Even the Romans, two milleniums ago enthused over the slightly alkali spring water – it has a pleasant temperature of 32,5 C degrees and its lithium content is good for the relief of gout and rheumatism!

If you're interested in German sociopolitical history, stop by the Hotel Krone, where the political poet and journalist Ferdinand Freiligrath completed his "democratic creed" in May 1844.

Assmannshausen may not be as bustling as Rudesheim, but it's certainly not sleepy – the town also has various festivities in the town throughout the year – most of them connected to the wine-growing tradition here.

Assmannshausen and Rudesheim are also famous for the Niederwald monument (Niederwald-Denkmal) about 300 m above the Rhine.
The best way to reach the monument is to take the cable car from Assmannshausen – the cable car station is a little uphill in the northern part of the town, if you walk right along the church, Hotel Historisches Altes Haus.
The ride takes about 15 minutes from Assmannshausen, but you'll wish it was longer! There are super views over the town, onto Fortress Rheinstein on the opposite side of the Rhine and the vineyards of the Rhine valley, and even on a busy day you can capture the peace and serenity of the woodlands as you travel uphill.

Once you reach the top, you can take any of a variety of woodland trails or head straight for the monument or take a lunch or coffee break at the hunting castle lodge "Jagdschloss Niederwald" just past the game enclosure. The Jagdschloss Niederwald also offers overnight accomodation. From the Jagdschloss, it's about one and a half kilometers' easy walk to the Niederwald Monument.

The Niederwald Denkmal is striking and impressive at 37,6 meters high. It was completed in 1883 after 6 years' building time to commemmorate the foundation of the German Empire following the French-Prussian War of 1871. The Niederwald monument is crowned by Germania, who stands triumphantly above the Rhine, guarding the area against invaders. By the way, if you're interested in related paraphernalia, a fine selection of old Niederwald postcards dating back to the last century can be found here.

Next to the monument there is also an eagle observatory where birds of prey can be observed daily between 9 am and 6 pm. Personnally, the birds there have my pity because of the way they're held.
There is car parking available near the observatory and the Niederwald monument, so if you're travelling by car, you can drive right up there and enjoy all the facilities. If you do drive, though, you'll miss out on the cable car ride, which is a really fun way of getting to the top (and down again) and a highlight of the area.

Apart from the majesty and the historical significance of the Niederwald monument – a visit there is on every german schoolchild's curriculum! – this is another wonderful place to view the Rhine and the Rhine Valley.
From here you can see left to the tens of thousands of grape-vines in the Rheingau, or across the Rhine River to Bingen and well into Rheinhessen and the Hunsruck mountains.
Closer to the right lies the ruins of Fortress Ehrenfels below the Niederwald and the "Mauseturm" ("mouse tower") in the middle of the Rhine.
According to legend, the unrelenting and hard-hearted archbishop Hatto was eaten by mice after cruelly luring his tennants into a barn and burning them to death in times of hardship and starvation ... The truth is not quite so brutal, but that's another story! In fact, the mouse tower was used for many centuries by the archbishops of Mainz to collect a toll for boats wishing to pass the small island on the Rhine in the narrow and dangerous "Binger Gap" (Binger Loch).

Just off to the northeast of the Niederwald monument, the next cable car takes you comfortably down to Rudesheim in about 10 minutes.

Stay in any of the numerous hotels or bed and breakfasts or apartments in Ruedesheim ...

... or take the Bingen-Ruedesheimer or a ferry across to Bingen

... or return to Bacharach, Kaub, Oberwesel, St. Goar or Boppard with the Bingen-Ruedesheimer (change to the Loreley Linie in St. Goar). If it's already a little late in the evening, continue by train ....

Rhine cruise in 16 parts from Boppard (north) to Rudesheim (south):

2, 3, 4, 6, 8 day vacation packages in different hotels with different one day Rhine River cruises along the castles

From Central Rhine along the Romantic Road to Fussen and Neuschwanstein castleIn August I stayed in Rudesheim on Rhine River and I drove sunday morning from there to Wurzburg on Main and the Romantic Road river to see the castle and the town.
In the afternoon I drove to Rothenburg o. d. T. (with a big town wall, many towers and half-timbered houses) on the Romantic Road to stay there in Hotel Sonne near the marketplace.
It is not expensive:

Monday morning I made some pictures in Rothenburg o. d. T. and drove than along the Romantic Road to Dinkelsbuhl, Feuchtwangen and than to Nordlingen on the Romantic Road to stay there on the marketplace in Hotel Braunes Ross.
It is not expensive:

Tuesday I drove on the freeway south to Fussen and Neuschschwanstein Castle to stay in Hotel Rubezahl in Schwangau on the Romanic Road with view from the hotel room balcony to Neuschwanstein castle. and

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