Planning a Rhine River cruise and want to see the most castles along the Rhine in one or two days? Half-day boat trip along 6 castles in the Rhine River valley from Boppard to St. Goar with Castle Rheinfels
and from there to Bacharach and Rudesheim
Planning a Rhine River cruise and want to see the most castles along the Rhine in one, two or three days? Rhine River cruise questions and answers

Boppard has many ship landing stages and is therefore a very good starting point for ship trips.
Numerous cruise lines boat landing stages in Boppard on Rhine. In the background: Fortress tower of "Kurtrierische Burg" and the Loreley-Linie Weinand cruise boat landing stages.

Cruise boat landing stages, Boppard,  1999, WHO

If you arrive in Boppard by train, it's only a short walk straight ahead (200 m) from the train station to the banks of the Rhine and the numerous cruise boat landing stages.

The fortress "Kurtrierische Burg" is also directly on the banks of the river and worth a visit – its museum houses admirable ancient coin and ancient weapon collections.

Kurtrierische Burg, Boppard,  1999, WHO







Fortress and tower "Kurtrierische Burg" (right), a few meters further on south: the Loreley-Linie Weinand cruise boat landing stages.

The boat journey between Boppard and St. Goar takes about one and a half hours and you will witness the splendour of medieval times and some fine tributes to german history. The views are magnificent and the boats move at a comfortable pace, allowing enough time for the amateur photographer to catch the breathtaking landscape and the fine architecture of the Middle Ages. On the cruise boats you can buy brochures and commentary in various languages provide interesting information for European, American, Japanese and other overseas visitors alike.

In all, there are six castles on this short route alone: the Kurtrierische Burg in Boppard, Liebenstein with Sterrenberg directly beneath in Kamp-Bornhofen, Maus (Mouse) in Wellmich near St. Goarshausen, Fortress Rheinfels near St. Goar and Katz (Cat) Castle on the Rhine hills above St. Goarshausen, already visible as you approach St. Goar.

Most of these old fortresses and castles are now in private ownership, but some of them can be viewed and a few have museums.
In addition, Sterrenberg has only a small cafe.
If you're looking for a really romantic evening, a romantic weekend or the perfect honeymoon package, Liebenstein castle offers wonderful 2 to 3-star hotel accomodation and a restaurant.
Fortress Rheinfels has some 4-star hotel rooms in the old parts of the building and some more 50 meters further south in the Weisse Villa which serves as a modern congress center.
Katz Castle, which recently changed hands into private Japanese ownership, has no restaurant and the building is not open to the general public.

More information on Castle Hotels on the Rhine can be found here and if the honeymoon package caught your eye earlier on, have a look here!

Once in St. Goar, stay in any of the numerous comfortable hotels or bed and breakfasts or apartments ...

... or take a trip with the miniature railway to Castle Rheinfels, explore the grounds of the old fortress with its interesting museum, enjoy lunch or afternoon coffee on the terrace of the Castle Hotel Restaurant Rheinfels, see the the world's largest free-hanging cuckoo clock and the world's largest beerstein, to name but a few of the attractions ...

... or continue south to Bacharach with a Bingen-Ruedesheimer boat. Or to Oberwesel, Kaub, Assmannshausen, Bingen or Rudesheim. If it's already a little late in the evening, take a train every hour and /or a Rhine ferry every 15 minutes ...

... or drive back north to Kamp-Bornhofen or Boppard with a "Loreley Linie" boat or, again, if it's late in the evening, catch a train every hour and /or a Rhine ferry every 15 minutes ...

Rhine cruise in 16 parts from Boppard (north) to Rudesheim (south):

Part 1 south: start your river cruise in Boppard on the Rhine ...

Part 2: Stay a while in Boppard before embarking on a boat.

Part 3 south: Rhine River cruise from Boppard in southern direction

Part 4: Stay a while in Kamp-Bornhofen before embarking on a boat.

Part 5 south: Rhine River cruise from Kamp- Bornhofen in southern direction

Part 6: From boat landing stages in St. Goar every 15 minutes with a miniature street railway to Castle Rheinfels

Part 7 south: Rhine River cruise from St. Goar in southern direction

Part 8: Stay a while in Oberwesel, climb on the town wall and the town tower

Oberwesel has an old tradition in wine-making, wine-tasting is also available to single travellers, many wine cellars can be viewed and there are guided tours to the various surrounding vineyards

Part 9 south: Rhine River cruise from Oberwesel in southern direction

Part 10: Stay a while in Kaub and visit the water castle Pfalz

Part 11 south: Rhine River cruise from Kauib in southern

Part 12: Stay a while in Bacharach before embarking on a boat.

Part 13 south: Half day Rhine cruise from Bacharach in southern direction

Part 14: Stay a while in Assmannshausen before embarking on a boat.

Part 15 south: Arrange for some wine-tasting at a winery, take the cable car to the Rhine hills opposite from Fortress Rheinstein

Part 16 south: Just off to the northeast of the Niederwald monument, the next cable car takes you comfortably down to Rudesheim on the Rhine River.

2, 3, 4, 6, 8 day vacation packages in different hotels with different one day Rhine River cruises along the castles


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