Welcome to Boppard on the Rhine River in easy reach of the Lorelei Rock and 30 castles on the middle Rhine River

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Boppard is the largest city between Koblenz and Mainz and is ideal as a starting point for a boat trip.

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In the Valley of the Lorelei Rock as well as on the heights of the nearby Hunsruck Mountains, Boppard has a lot to offer in many respects both to residents and guests. In the course of history, all kinds of people have felt at home here, whether Celts, Romans or Franconians. All of them have left their mark on the 2000 year-old history of the town and at every turn there is witness in stone of their presence.

Boppard is beautiful. The charming, unmistakable natural beauty of the town and its surroundings as well as the numerous monuments to its culture and history evoking memories of the different epochs of its history are called to mind as one walks through the town. One of the few national Goethe Institutes has its seat in Boppard which was set up here twenty years ago and there are four partner towns in France, England, Hungary and Japan which underline its international character.

Boppard's wines are among the best to be had anywhere. The wine produced here has a very high reputation and was mentioned in official records over 1350 years ago. This is well understood when one remembers the fact that the largest net of vineyards along the central Rhine area in Bopparder Hamm count among the steepest wine-growing districts with an approximate cultivated surface of 75 hectares. There are many opportunities to enjoy Boppard's wine during the course of the year. For example: at "Boppard Wine in the Spring", at "Bopparder Weinkost" (wine-tasting) or – and this especially – at the Boppard Wine Festival. The vintners of Boppard market their wines themselves. It's a good idea to leave enough room in the back of the car for later home consumption! If you don't want to wait for one of the wine festivals, then Hotel Deutsches Haus regularly offer wine-tasting.

How wonderful nature is! Historical Boppard lies at the foot of an unspoiled, wooded mountainous area which is part of the slate hills of the Rhine's littoral countryside. Nature lovers, botanists and ornithologists are in their element when it comes to an exploration of Boppard and its environs. The unique character of the natural surroundings make it an ideal place to ramble. One can discover the hiker's paths for oneself or spy out the Rhine's tributaries and their valleys in the high places above it.

Furthermore, for your leisure and pleasure: tennis, golf (18-hole golf course), swimming, riding, gliding, cycling, boat trips. Of particular and unique interest in Boppard is the Thonet Museum (Bentwood furniture) with its approximately 100 exhibits.

Take your time about enjoying your time. It's a good idea to join a guided tour to show you all the delights of this charming little town. If not on foot, then by town tour with the mini-train.

The chair-lift offers visitors a bird's eye view of the largest Rhine meanderings together with the Bopparder Hamm. After a trip with the Hunsruck Railway, which takes you through breath-taking scenery, there is the possibility of hiking in the forests.

Boppard has seen a turbulent past. At a time when the area lying between the Rhine and the Moselle, the Hunsruck region, was still thickly wooded, the Celts came to settle here. About fifty years B.C., Roman legions marched to this point along the Rhine, then a liquid territorial boundary or "limes". Later they erected a large fortress. After the fall of the Roman empire, Franconian tribes settled in what is now Boppard which, in the Middle Ages, later became an imperial city.

An impressive building is the electoral castle (Kurfurstliche Burg, also known as the Kurtrierische Burg), which Balduin von Trier erected in 1327. The small fortress served as a customs castle on the Rhine, a building which assured its owner of a lucrative living from the tithes and tolls levied upon Rhenish traffic.The Archeological Park leads back into Roman times. Also of considerable interest is the mainly late romanesque building of St Severus Church on the Market Square. One thing which must not be missed is the Carmelite Church, built in 1300 which, after fire in 1730, was re-constructed in the baroque style. The cloister belonging to it is the town's administrative building today.

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Rhine River cruise questions and answers

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